Shade Shift Luxe Dimensional Pigment

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Pigment flakes which are out of this world STUNNING! Each color has unique color shifting properties depending on which way the lights/shadows play out. Purchase the ENTIRE collection and save 25% (or like getting two for free)!   Due to the nature of the color shift, images on this website may vary from images true to your eyes.  We try our best to capture the best photos we can without compromising true color quality. Our Luxe Pigment flakes are cosmetics grade and safe to on the face, we do not recommend applying this in/near the eye area. Pigment flakes do not dissolve and have  chunky, irregular shapes and textures. Use this product at your own discretion.

Product is best applied over a sticky base (our Color Bind liners work perfectly ti keep these flakes in place!), or you may use a  cosmetic glitter adhesive or lash glue.

Product may be applied with a brush or fingertips. This item is very delicate and lightweight, tends to "blow away" easily.  Do not breathe in particles. Grinding the flakes may result in an ashy, charcoal color, making the product disintegrate. We fill this product in a 5 gram jar with a sifter. Product is measured by volume, not weight.

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