SkinFactory "Miracle 9 Serum" Deluxe Mini

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Meristem Stem Cells and Centella Cell DNA cultures and Swiss Apple extract to reverse skin degradation, alleviate inflammation, reverse signs of aging, improve skin firmness and elasticity, brighten bland looking skin, and hydrate without stickiness.

We have attached a real before and after photo after 4 months of use. This particular person had a mark from chemotherapy for 20 years. With twice daily use, person’s inflammation and irritation drastically improved and faded. 

Directions: Wash face. Pat dry. Apply a drop per cheek, drop on forehead, nose, and chin. Work product into the skin using patting motions and gentle pressure for skin to absorb product. You may use this twice a day. If applying makeup, allow product to absorb into the skin for at least 5 to 7 minutes.

.25 oz bottle.

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